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“Montis is a modern furniture design company that manifests the spirit of its home in the Netherlands,” observes Andrew Fisher, owner of the Arkitektura Showrooms, an authorized Montis representative in Birmingham, Michigan north of Detroit.

“Their multipurpose Edam captures the spirit of the Montis sense of modern design,” the owner of the Arkitektura Showrooms continues. “To quote from Montis itself: ‘The Edam is a multipurpose piece of furniture which has the ambition to become the spill of every environment. A sympathetic round form where you will sit or draw it up to impose your feet. Typical is the flat leather side that has a drawer to store all loose remote controls, smartphones, tablets, journals and newspapers. Because of the characteristic properties and the pleasant, sympathetic design, the Edam feels also particularly at home in workspaces or waiting rooms.’”

While Montis offers an array of couches, an examination of three whets the designer’s appetite for their work:

The Axel couch, designed by Gijs Papavoine, improves the presentation of any living room. Its delicately formed cubist surrounds nearly hide the supporting legs from view, resulting in an inviting couch that seems to float above the floor.

Dick Spierenburg’s Domino couch offers an array of compact, rectangular soft block to arrange as one wishes. Seats may face different directions, depending on the fancy of the interior designer or end customer yet, however it is displayed, the Domino couch provide comfortable seat backs and armrests.

Gino is a couch that a designer or owner may personalize yet retain all of its comfort. Designed by Geert Koster, this is a piece of modern furniture that presents well both inside and outside. The designer has given it the flexibility to play with the mixture of materials and color to best catch the eye and the heart when placed in open space.

As with their modern sofas, the easy chairs from Montis capture any room while providing comfort and an uplifting mood.

There is, for example, Chaplin. The upholstery zips over the frame like a padded jacket, creating chairs that perfectly suit an eating area or meeting room. Designed by Gerard Van Den Berg, a Chaplin chair may be ordered with or without castors.

As its aptly chosen name suggests, Lotus is a chair that creates all the style and comfort of an armchair without devouring the typical armchair’s requirement for space. Designed by Simon Pengelly, the arms and back of the Lotus chair create a shared collar with lapels that rise from the floor to fold around the seat, creating both comfort and a key design element in any open area.

Finally, let us explore three modern chair designs from Montis that speak volumes about its originality combined with practicality. Montis is, after all, a Dutch company with an eye for brilliant design.

Again from designer Simon Pengelly, Dim Sum is a chair that brings both a smile and a deepening relaxation. Quoting from Montis: “Studies have found the act of rocking release endorphins in the body that produce a calming and relaxing effect. The relaxation provided by the rhythm of rocking also improves the ability to focus and concentrate. Aside from these benefits, there are few other products that evoke such as domestic feel.”

The Charly armchair offers a graciously shaped frame that goes back to basic principles. Its frame is covered by a softly padded jacket as a living person may wear. The seat is high and this combines with a straight back to give the Charley chair an active comfort and ease of use that are enjoyed by the young and deeply appreciated by the elderly. Its fluid personality easily mixes with various styles, and the addition of its companion ottoman completes the perfect design for an armchair.

Thanks to designer Gerard Van Den Berg, the Charly Flex Montis chair offers an optional adjustable back that takes advantage of its flexible upholstery to create an elegant and eye-catching modern design lounge chair. Such is the designer’s imagination that the appearance of the covering remains constant as the back is shifted.

“We have gone to great lengths to make the Birmingham, Michigan the optimal salons for architects, interior designers and privates collectors in which to contemplate the original beauty of Montis, as well as almost sixty other modern furniture manufacturers from around the world,” says owner Andrew Fisher.

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