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Flou finds its inspiration in the words of Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician, physicist and inventor who opened the door to the study of fluids and pressure: “In the life of each one of us, there is a secret instinct left over from our primary nature, that makes us realize that true happiness lies with rest and not in chaos.”

“One purchases the finest furniture to make a statement of one’s success. But one should also address the competitive advantage of personal comfort. One has ideas and succeeds because of rest and escape from chaos, and this is why Flou represents such an important product line in the Arkitektura showrooms of San Francisco and Detroit (Birmingham, Michigan.” Andrew Fisher, Arkitektura Owner.

With every justification, Flou calls its total product “the good sleep.” Quoting directly from this famous manufacturer of superb mattresses and contemporary furniture: “Every one of us needs the hours of rest that only sleep can give us, moments of authentic intimacy where we find ourselves pleasantly alone with ourselves. During sleep, the body activates a process of regeneration and restoration of the cells. It recuperates the exhausted energy supplies while thoughts, memories and emotions, the sounds harbored in the mind and in the body are released as dreams.”

Flou beds and accessories were created amid a period of great cultural change. Suddenly, with Flou’s design leadership, beds were dressed in linens and covers of great color and dynamic styles spread across this most intimate of household rooms.

We spend about one third of our lives with our eyes closed for a reason. It is important that sleep becomes the foundation and renewal of our true mental and physical health and wellness.”

With a flourish to meet this new demand, Flou launched Nathalie, now considered to be the mother of all ‘modern textile beds’ with soft upholstered, removable covers, washable, a place where the sheets and bedcovers were replaced with brightly colored duvets.

With your most personal comfort and aesthetic sensibilities very much in mind, Flou engages sixteen designers to provide you with everything you need for “the good sleep. Flou designers emphasize aesthetics and function, bringing innovation in the fields of materials, technology, rationalization of the production processes.

Today, Flou offers more than 50 different beds, from single to king-size, from sofa beds to studio couches, produced with fabrics, wood, leather, hide and other materials. Flou is equally highly regard for its technical accessories — mattresses, pillows, mattress supports, cover fabrics — duvet covers, all available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Each breakthrough remains true to the company’s founding philosophy–to produce excellent beds that improve the comfort, wellness and quality of life of its clientele.

Arkitektura is proud to be the only Flou dealer showroom in Northern California and also the single purveyor for this luxury brand in the State of Michigan.

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