Rather than outsource production, which is the trend among many high quality design manufacturers, Bocci has assembled world-class capabilities around its home facility. Internally, the company features a fully equipped glass blowing studio with off-site locations for glass casting, ceramics and metal sand casting. Because Bocci designers, technicians and salespeople must walk through the production areas to get to their desks, they each have an intimate and profound connection to the company’s work from concept to finished product

Bocci is organized to recognize and support the time demands of contemporary culture. The company maintains significant inventories across a network of warehouses worldwide. Customer orders may be process within twenty-four hours and in many cases shipped within hours of receiving the order.

As a legacy of the fortunes made in Michigan from lumber, iron and copper, and automobiles, one expects to find great jewelry stores in Detroit. After shopping fine lighting and beautiful furniture, you will not be disappointed by the nearby selections or the quality of the pieces found at Ahee Jewelers in Grosse Pointe or at Tapper’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry in the Somerset Collection in Troy,” says Andrew Fisher, Arkitektura Owner. “If your wish to see the finest gems and settings in San Francisco, nearby our showrooms you will find Cresalia Jewelers and Ed Teixeira Fine Jewelry among the ten finest stores this city boasts.”

Bocci pieces portray the more emotional, irrational and romantic executions of the contemporary design spectrum, yet their pieces are each the product of rigorous and intelligent execution. Always at the forefront of technical execution, Bocci has mastered technical complexity, quality and reliability, as well. When the company found that commercially available lamps did not meet their rigorous quality standards, Bocci developed and now manufactures its own proprietary Xenon and LED lamps. Thus, each Bocci piece, unmatched for its emotional expression, also avails its customer of longer lamp lives and lower failure rates than any available alternative.

In the company’s words: “Our thirst for innovation translates into everything we do, ranging from the process of making the sculptural chandelier shades, to the design of the components that hold them together, to the lamps that are used to light them, and to the packaging that contains them.”

Arkitektura is proud to showcase the beauty and performance of Bocci lighting, high craft furniture and lighting accessories at our San Francisco and Detroit (Birmingham, Michigan) showrooms. We also can facilitate Bocci consultation for bespoke design, prototyping and production of custom works. Arkitektura joins Bocci in believing that that specificity and particularity are important and feel comfortable at all scales of production inquiry, ranging from a single one-off to a specialized batch run.

To once again quote the company: “At Bocci, we strive to create objects that become companions in people’s lives. We believe that an object contributes in the most meaningful way to the sustainability discussion if it is, quite simply, never thrown away.”


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