With roots and traditions dating back to 19th Century, Giorgetti S.p.A. is a quintessential designer and manufacturer of Italian furniture. Beginning with design, creativity and style, and moving up to the actual production, the process is entirely “Made in Italy” by highly qualified personnel having great skills in the furniture sector.

“Giorgetti provides us with an institutional catalog comprised of 110 collections. Its products are functional and made of long-lasting quality materials and are made with eco-friendly efficient technologies,” notes Andrew Fisher, whose Arkitektura showrooms in San Francisco and Birmingham, Michigan near Detroit are authorized Giorgetti dealers. “The Made in Italy artisan production surpasses the logic of the standard product and guarantees a high level of product customization.”  

Giorgetti began to engage in relentless experimentations in the early 20th Century, impacting the social and culture circles of that period and fueling its growth. In the 21st Century, just as art and haute couture rapidly evolve through innovation and creativity, the furniture of Giorgetti stands out for the emergence of unique design and immediately identifiable style.

While Giorgetti also works with fabric, leather and hide, metal upholstery and glass, magnificently fashioned wood is the common thread or fil rouge to all its collections. Each have been worked into a portfolio of designer products that satisfy the requirements of modern living. Giorgetti’s imaginative and artful designs create furniture—sofas, chairs, armchairs, tables and other furnishings—that, in the company’s words, “casts out predictability in order to realize exclusive and eclectic solutions.”

Thanks to it’s the passing down of skills accumulated through its long history and its consolidated experience in cabinet making, Giorgetti has often been the chosen furniture provider for those important projects—hotels, cruise ships, airplanes—that demand exclusive elegance. Some unforgettable examples of Giorgetti elegance may be found inside of: a Private Penthouse in Sandton City (Johannesburg, South Africa); Four Seasons Residences in Austin, Texas; The Hampton of Hong Kong working with Steve Leung Designers Limited; 21 Angullia Park in Singapore with SCDA Architects; a Private restaurant in Tokyo, Japan; Pangu Plaza Apartments in Beijing, China; Chatila Jeweller`s of London and Geneva with architect Celeste Dell`Anna’; Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, Italy with architect David Palterer; the Alpenhotel Bitschnau in Schruns, Austria; and the Doco Hotel in Vienna, Austria.

“Giorgetti, therefore, becomes a significant choice for those seeking the best in Italian furniture, both in terms of product and of service,” explains the owner of Arkitektura in San Francisco and Birmingham, Michigan, a Giorgetti dealer and subject matter expert. “On one side, the company production is characterized by high, intrinsic quality, as far as technology and materials are concerned, but at the same time the quality of the design draws the creation of ambients away from their insignificance and endows them with refinement and elegance.”

Some representative example of Giorgetti’s art include the ROSSELLA PUGLIATTI HUG

Armchair, its structure fashioned in solid walnut canaletto wood with the frame of the seat and of the backrest in profiled steel and the padding is in coldfoamed polyurethane covered with fiber. The upholstery, not removable, is in fabric or leather.

Giorgetti’s UMBERTO ASNAGO FABULA is a series of fixed and sectional sofas and armchairs with the base frame, the back and the armrests in poplar plywood. The upholstery of the backrest and the armrests is in saddle leather, while the one of the cushions can be in fabric or leather: all completely removable. The cushions, whose pipings are in leather with the color matching the saddle leather, are in goose feather with inserts in flexible multi-density polyurethane. An Accessory Cushion may be ordered in feather, fabric or leather upholstery.

Giorgetti’s ROSSELLA PUGLIATTI SOLEMYIDAE is a sofa with the structure in profiled steel and the padding in coldfoamed polyurethane covered with fiber. The upholstery, not removable, is in fabric or leather, in one or in two colors. In the first case the 5 backrest cushions, in goose feathers, are included with the sofa, while these are to be ordered separately, minimum 5 pieces, when a second color to the sofa is desired.

“These are but a few of the choices of Italian sofas, chairs, armchairs, desks, tables, cabinets chests of drawers, tables, mirrors and accessories offered by Giorgetti, “explains Andrew Fisher, owner of the Arkitektura showrooms in San Francisco and Birmingham, Michigan near Detroit. “The historical evolution of Giorgetti’s furniture may be mapped out in parallel with the crucial events that have marked the art world. The picture that is painted is of a century of experimentation in new art forms and rekindling approaches to authenticity.”