Book your stay at the London NYC Hotel in the heart of Manhattan and you will be cosetted by Kasthall rugs and carpets in the lobby and in the luxurious rooms. This is a true New York destination, where you can dine on the culinary delights of Chef Gordon Ramsay while being surrounded by the sophisticated aesthetics of interior designer David Collines.

London NYC Hotel suites display the stunning white woven Kasthall rug Glenn as a wall-to-wall carpet that perfectly enhances the sublime décor. Hotel rooms are lavished with custom-made round woven Kasthall Häggå rugs .

Arkitektura of San Francisco is a proud retailer of the exquisite woven rugs and carpets of Kasthall that grace the floors around the world where top quality and first class design are required. Some other examples:

Kasthall has produced an elegant floor surface for Christian Dior that complements their interiors yet are sufficiently hardwearing to remains elegant despite the number of daily visitors to the Christian Dior boutiques.

For the boardroom at University of Copenhagen, textile designer Puk Lippman collaborated with the weavers at Kasthall Atelier to create a hand-tufted 40 square-meter woven rug that is a work of art.

Kasthall began in 1889. Taking advantage of the introduction of electricity in the small town of Kinna, the entrepreneur and designer Ludvig Anderson established the first industrial rug factory in Sweden, naming it Kasthall. Customer found its rugs to be beautiful yet durable and a pleasure to walk on. The creative environment of Anderson’s factory soon attracted designers such as Ingrid Dessau, Viola Gråsten and Astrid Sampe.

Kasthall’s woven rugs are made of yarn that they make themselves from the finest natural materials: wool, linen or a combination of the two. The advantage of these materials is that they are durable and retain their beauty for a long time. They also have a special feel and a natural sheen.

“At Stadshuskällaren – the restaurant at Stockholm City Hall – diners walk over Kasthall textiles to sit down and order the Nobel Banquet served at the Nobel Prize ceremonies from 1901,” explains Andrew Fisher, owner of Arkitektura. “In 2012, architect and designer Jonas Bohlin specified large woven Kasthall rugs in various mélange tones to covers floors in the different dining halls as well as over the restaurant’s curved staircase.”

The concept of weaving is simple: two perpendicular rows of threads, the warp and the weft, are interlaced. This may be the most beautiful aspect of weaving. But no one else weaves the Kasthall way. No wonder, then, that the architect Francisco Cortina has placed customized Kasthall rugs in almost every room of the exclusive Waterlane private residence outside London.

This painstaking handwork is ever more rare in an increasingly standardized world of mass produced products. But this handcraftsmanship defines the Kasthall textile product—beautiful rugs that are unique, durable and irreplaceable.

Arkitektura of San Francisco is delighted to show you the unique quality of these Kasthall woven and tufted rugs. We are confident that you will be intrigued by with their latest designs, born of new yarns and patterns that are the work of world leading designers and architects. When you are ready for the very best, Arkitektura of San Francisco is ready to assist.