Tobias Grau

“The Falling Leaf pendant lamp outshone the competition with its elegant, understated form free of corners and edges as well as its radiant, warm white light. The mounting, shade and lens flow smoothly, interrupted only by the change of materials in each segment…. The piece is finished off by the slightly convex, glass optical lens, which disperses the light outwards from the LED bulb inside, providing optimum radiance without the glare. An overall very accomplished ensemble, particularly brought to bear in its silhouette. Reduced, understated and distinguished.”
“So reads the statement of the jury for the German Design Award given to luminaire designer Tobias Grau,” offers Andrew Fisher, owner of the Arkitektura Showrooms in San Francisco and Birmingham, Michigan near Detroit. “In many ways, it is the perfect introduction to the imagination, craftsmanship and quality of the remarkable modern lighting company.”

The company is an outgrowth of the freelance designs created by Tobias Grau, beginning in 1984, that fulfilled the requests for better light dispersal from eye-catching lamp designs by Hamburg advertising agencies, fashion stores and soon thereafter for the offices of small but creative German companies. Within three years, the designer developed his first serially produced luminaire collection, launching the design and manufacturing company under his own name. 
Today, the company Tobias Grau is world famous for its premium collections of suspension lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, spots, lighting systems, outdoor lamps, accessories and switches. The Arkitektura Showrooms in San Francisco and Birmingham, Michigan is an authorized dealer.
The luminairs of Tobias Grau are revered for their perfect deglaring and light control, thanks open-structure anti-glare or OSA lighting technology. When directed to illuminate a desktop, for example, the light is simultaneously shielded to protect the vision of the professional at work, the low luminance around the head of the lamp manifesting a particularly comfortable and less fatiguing light. Inside the lamps, top-quality LEDs provide a more brilliant illumination than fluorescents of all the colors visible to the eye. 
“For all their brilliant light and perfect color rendition, a Tobias Grau lamp may use just half the power of a comparable fluorescent light,” the owner of San Francisco’s Arkitektura showrooms explains. “Furthermore, the potential for multiple shadows on the desktop are eliminated. In fact, the brilliant LED illumination of a Tobias Grau luminaire is very close to the Planck curve for optimal spectral radiance.”

Tobias Grau luminaires also may be deployed in linked groups with adjustable settings that can be modified on site. For example, the lighting in a given group can be programmed to dim to a different setting. This allows a balanced light level to be maintained until the very last member of staff has left an open-office floor plan.
The premium luminaires designed by Tobias Grau are developed all the way to the production stage by an in-house team that is driven by symbiosis of design, materials and technology. The company is co-managed by the founder’s wife, Franziska Grau and its lamps, much in demand, are sold in over fifty countries.