“Light may be shaped by a shade, the configuration of its fixture, by difference lenses and certainly and profoundly by the use of crystal as a diffuser,” offers Andrew Fisher, owner of the Arkitektura Showrooms of San Francisco and Birmingham, Michigan, a very special salon in which to review the crystal magic of Swarovski Lighting.

The beautiful and expressive lighting from Swarovski can be instantly identified by its Swan logo. The Austrian company, in business since 1895, offers two lighting product lines: Swarovski Crystal Palace avant-garde lighting and design, and Swarovski Lighting with finished lighting crystal products for architecture. Swarovski also designs and produces crystals in other fields as varied as jewelry, fashion, accessories, and interior design, culture and industrial research and development.

“Swarovski crystals design illuminate any room with beautifully defused light, leaving an impression that won't soon be forgotten,” Fisher explains. His Arkitektura Showrooms and been expanded to permit architects, interior designers, collectors and private owners to savor over seventy modern furniture brands that Fisher has brought together in a single spectacular destination. 

To quote from the Swarovski web site: Crystal has always fascinated people, due to its interplay with light, but also due to the characteristic, asymmetrical form. In many different cultures, myths and legends focus on crystal. Crystal seems to emanate a very special energy, which was instrumental in awakening the interest of artists, architects, designers and scientists… seeming to combine organic and inorganic aspects.

The portfolio of Swarovski products include architectural linear suspension, flush mounted ceiling lighting, and room lighting with chandeliers, pendants and mini pendants, and wall sconces. Some excellent example of their work include:

The CANDELLA pendant, its Swarovski-engineered LED crystal candles erupting from curvilinear framework for a defining light formation. Aglow, CANDELLA emits unrestrained intensity.

The circle pendant combines industrial reduction with elegance, and the INSIDE/OUT design by Stephen Burks developed from this idea. Crystal is not only decorative here, but also simultaneously serves as a diffuser.
The STRANDELIER pedant presents a filigree lightness, which becomes uncompromising luxury through crystal as the star of the design.
DECONSTRUCT is a pendant design based on the concept of dissolving a concept. The sparkling crystalline accents burst the rigid framework and spill its light into the space.

Whether single Pendant, triple Pendant or as icicles: the CRYSTALLINE ICICLES by S. Russell Groves tell stories, each of them unique depending on the density and basic linear shape, from enchanting shimmering as if seen through a curtain of ice to a radiant and colorfully flickering polar light.

Other Swarovski crystal lighting of interest includes ReveaLED by Andre Kikoski that plays with contrasts, the styling of which can be individually configured. As the playful reversal of a chandelier’s function, a familiar language of forms made of squares and rectangles only shines subtly to the outside while the true light radiates from the inside.

The CRYSTAL EMPIRE pendant follows the extravagant approach of turning the classic chandelier structure into its opposite: The crystal becomes the sparkling frame and elegant leather turns into the decorative eye-catcher. This combination creates silent opulence and innovative class.

A new pendant by designer Tord Boontje delightfully interprets elements of nature to create STELLAR DOMA. Its domed silhouette illuminates bursts of decorative crystal patterns, Stardust or his signature Blossom, to evoke wonder with a sparkling nod to organic forms.
FENESTRI is a modern contrast to the classic lantern; the asymmetrical façade exposes brilliantly faceted crystal-lined panes, to present the harmonious relationship of light and crystal.

The highly contemporary shape of LIGHTSKY, the work of designer Stephen Burks, sends light beaming through brightly infused crystal, echoing poetry of light reflections into the spatial center.

“Crystal luminaires are the key to the realization of unique lighting concepts that affect everybody in a positive way,” notes the owner of the Arkitektura Showrooms in San Francisco and Birmingham, Michigan, a representative of Swarovski Lighting and other modern furnishing designs. “These luminaires catch the eye, forming islands of light to create pleasant highlights and an emotionally colorful touch.”

The Crystal StarLED combines precision-cut crystal and innovative LED technology. With its unusual effects, this lighting system creates a special atmosphere in a room. It makes ceilings and walls in relaxation areas and hotel suites sparkle and can do the same in home bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms with a choice of 6, 12, 18 and 24 stars shimmering with crystal light. 

The Crystal Starry Sky illuminates with clusters of fascinating radiant light points. Precisely ground Swarovski crystals ensure exact star-shaped patterns on the ceiling while giving you a choice of 35, 70, 100 or 150 crystal stars.

Architectural Elements capture incident sunshine to cause the crystals to radiate their full range of spectral colors. Architectural Elements are individually designed works of art with almost limitless creativity expressed in these motifs.

For the architect, interior designer, collector or private customer, the Arkitektura Showrooms of San Francisco and Birmingham, Michigan near Detroit are the perfect salons to initiate an appreciation of Swarovski crystal light.