Produzione Privata

“Produzione Privata aims to develop concepts untainted by the industrial logic of production and marketing,” Produzione Privata announces. “Instead, it is allied to a cultural outlook which also involves materials and techniques no longer or not yet of interest to big industry. Operating in close contact helps to inspire tomorrow’s industry whilst also boosting the dignity and prestige of skilled craftsmanship.”

For architects, interior designers and private collectors, Andrew Fisher has established Arkitektura Showrooms a premier salon from which to explore the modern furniture, Italian design and contemporary lighting firms that he represents.

Located in San Francisco and Birmingham, Michigan, Arkitektura Showrooms now offers almost sixty furniture and lighting brands from around the world for perusal and purchase by architects, interior designers and private collectors. Among these is Produzione Privata, founded by Michele De Lucchi and Sibylle Kicherer, to cultivate experimentation and encourage craftsmanship in table and floor lamps, suspension lamps, wall lamps, vases and modern furniture.

A co-founder of Produzione Privata, designer Michele De Lucchi’s products may be found in the most important design museums in the world. In movements like Alchimia and Memphis, De Lucchi made major contributions in lighting and modern furniture while restoring buildings for such prominent Italian companies as Enel, Olivetti, Piaggio, Poste Italiane, Telecom Italia, and Zambon.

Eager customers for De Lucchi’s lighting and furniture designs include Artemide, Olivetti, Alias, and Unifor.

Today, the company he founded continues this exploration of technology and crafts. “The workshops of Produzione Privata, their ‘Laboratori’, are devoted to the exploration of various types of material, such as Murano blown glass, ceramics, metal, wood, Minimal Machines, ready-made, bent glass and borosilicate glass,” explains Fisher. The creations of Produzione Privata may be viewed in the Arkitektura Consortium Showrooms of San Francisco or at its Birmingham, Michigan salon.

“The initial designs are explored through numerous pencil drawings, water colors and studies and then brought to life using Italian artisan techniques and crafts,” Fisher continues. “Produzione Privata combines human talent, knowledge, sensitivity and skill to realize some of the most aesthetically pleasing and uncompromising light designs ever created.”  

Among these are: Glacier tavolo 26 and Glacier tavolo 12—table lamps of blown glass glazed white and chrome painted metal. Other notable table lamps from Produzione Privata include Belle Soirée tavolo 35 and Belle Soirée tavolo 21 formed from transparent and transmirror blown borosilicate glass and shiny chromed metal.

Belle Soirée 35 and Belle Soirée 21 are examples of suspension lamps made of transparent and transmirror blown borosilicate glass and shiny chromed metal. Perseo 44 / Perseo 28 / Perseo 15 offer a choice of lighting elements within their transparent blown glass and metal structure.

Wall lamps not to be missed include Belle soirée—fashioned from transparent and transmirror blown borosilicate glass and shiny chromed metal and Ipy parete, a wall lamp composed of transparent blown borosilicate glass and grey painted metal.

“Demonstrating time after time his mastery in industrial, furniture, interior, lighting and architectural design, Michele De Lucchi’s professional work reveals his great interest in conceptual art as realized through his high standards of professional manufacturing,” explains the owner of Arkitektura Showrooms.

Either the San Francisco or Birmingham, Michigan salon offers a perfect environment for architects, interior designers and private collectors to explore the contemporary lighting and modern furniture portfolio of Produzione Privata.