“Knoll is recognized internationally for creating workplace furnishings that inspire, evolve and endure.” As an opening statement, Knoll charmingly understates its contributions to contemporary office and worksite furnishings. Just consider their bench of leading contemporary furniture designers from Italy, Scandinavia, Germany, Japan, the United States, in fact the world:

Raul de Armas, Tim van Campen, Alvar Aalto, Gerald Abramovitz, Paul Aferiat, Anni Albers, Franco Albini, Don Albinson, Marc Alessandri,  Davis Allen, Emilio Ambasz, Antenna Design, Sergio Asti, Gae Aulenti, Enrico Baleri, Jhane Barnes, Wolf Bauer, Anne Beetz, Hans Bellman, Jeffrey Bernett, Marc Berthier, Harry Bertoia, Ayse Birsel, Cini Boeri, Antonio Bonet, Marcel Breuer, Lewis Butler, Vincent Cafiero, Achille Castiglioni, Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Don Chadwick, Andreas Christen, Colebrook Bosson Saunders Stephan Copeland, Pepe Cortès, Dorothy Cosonas, Lise-Anne Couture, Jonathan Crinion, Joseph D’Urso, Robert DeFuccio, Neils Diffrient, Nicholas Dodziuk, Peter Eisenman, Jim Eldon, Dale Fahnstrom, Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, Formway Design, Neil Frankel, Enrico Franzolini, Emanuela Frattini Magnusson, Gianfranco Frattini, Dino Gavina, Frank Gehry,  Rudy Gernreich, Alexander Girard, Brian Graham, Charles Gwathmey, Paul Haigh, Peter Hamburger, Bruce Hannah, Eszter Haraszty, Christa Haussler, Robert and Trix Haussmann, Marc Held, Sheila Hicks, Evelyn Hill, Hans Hollien, Suzanne Huguenin, Dragomir Ivièeviæ, Arne Jacobsen, Pierre Jeanneret, Jehs+Laub, Florence Knoll Bassett, Donald R. Knorr, Antti Kotilainen, Robert Kulicke, Lawrence Laske, Gary Lee, Angelo Lelii, Marc Lepage, Maya Lin, Piero Lissoni, Living Divani, Josep Lluscà, Ross Lovegrove, Roberto Lucci, LTL, Vico Magistretti, Erik Magnussen, Carl Magnusson, Angelo Mangiorotti, Marco Maran, Roberto Sebastian Matta, Herbert Matter, Maxdesign, Michael McCoy, Richard Meier, Lucia Mercer, Clay Michie, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Abbott Miller, Andrew Morrison, Pascal Mourgue, George Nakashima, Isamu Noguchi, Kurt Nordstrom, Paolo Orlandini, Pearson Lloyd, Max Pearson, Jorge Pensi, Don Petitt, Charles Pfister, Piiroinen, Warren Platner, Charles Pollock, Gio Ponti, James Prestini, Adrian and Merkley, Parry Pulfer, Christine Rae, Ralph Rapson, Hani Rashid, Jorgen Rasmussen, Robert Reuter, Carlos Riart, Linda and Joseph Ricchio, Jens Risom, Charles Rozier, Eero Saarinen, Richard Sapper, Tobia Scarpa, Richard Schultz, Seiler, Mathias (for Sedus Design), Shelton, Mindel and Associates, Robert Siegel, Ettore Sottsass, Peter Stamberg, Bill Stephens, Marianne Strengell, Kazuhide Takahama, Iimari Tapiovaara, Ufficio Tecnico, Suzanne Tick, Nob and Non Utsumi, Robert Venturi, Massimo and Lella Vignelli, Hans Wegner, Gretl and Leo Wollner, Otto Zapf, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe sums up Knolls collective works nicely, "Create form out of the nature of our tasks with the methods of our time." Arkitektura of San Francisco is a proud retailer of Knoll’s collective genius.

The company’s unceasing commitment to innovation and modern design has produced notable and compelling collections of office systems, seating, files and storage, tables and desks, wood case-goods, textiles and accessories. Let us look at some of these as described in the company’s own words as a brief overview of their wide-ranging product creation and creative expression.

Open Plan

“Knoll offers an unmatched range of integrated choices for the open plan and private office environments, a proven commitment to sustainability, and a client-focused approach that Hans and Florence Knoll first nurtured three-quarters of a century ago.”


“Knoll offers a full range of office seating for every application. Our distinctive designs, ergonomic advancements and environmental benefits complement your style, workplace and budget.”

Private Offices

Knoll offers no fewer than 14 plans for the private office.

Files And Storage

“Knoll files and storage, featuring lateral files, mobile pedestals and architectural towers, maximize your organizational options without compromising valuable workspace.”

Office Tables

“Whether your style runs from faultless simplicity to technological refinement or to a streamlined aesthetic, Knoll has a variety of desking, training, meeting and conference tables — conventional and dynamic — that reflect the proportion and craftsmanship synonymous with modern design.”

Activity Spaces

“Activity spaces are ‘go to’ spaces that include several types accessible to everyone as needed, for focused, shared or team tasks, assembly spaces for larger group meetings or training, and community spaces for socializing or casual work.”

Ergonomic Products

“At Knoll, our commitment to accessible, thoughtful design, coupled with leading edge technology, has resulted in a portfolio of ergonomic products, including office seating, monitors and keyboard supports, lighting and adjustable work tables. These ergonomic products form the building blocks of a workplace that facilitates productivity and comfort with equal effect.”

Knoll Textiles

“KnollTextiles, founded in 1947 by Florence Knoll, was the first company to address the fabric needs of the commercial interior. Today, KnollTextiles is one of the largest textile suppliers in North America, with products developed for healthcare, hospitality, educational, corporate, and residential interiors.

“Under the creative direction of Dorothy Cosonas, KnollTextiles offers some of the most technically advanced materials in the industry, combining beauty and function in the Modernist tradition.”

Knoll is headquartered in East Greenville, Pennsylvania. The company operates four manufacturing sites in North America--East Greenville, Pennsylvania; Grand Rapids and Muskegon, Michigan; and Toronto, Ontario—and two in Italy in Foligno and Graffignana. All Knoll manufacturing facilities in North America are ISO 14001-certified, an important mark of commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

Knoll is certified by The GREENGUARD™ Environmental Institute, and The U.S. Green Building Council (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). All Knoll architecture and design managers in North America are required to attain LEED® Professional Accreditation. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the rating system of the U.S. Green Building Council, is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing high-performance sustainable buildings.

Obviously, here is more to Knoll than its well-publicized design brilliance for contemporary furniture and textiles. Arkitektura of San Francisco is pleased by Knoll’s equally thoughtful approach to the economies of the world and the need for comprehensive green initiatives.