In ancient Aramaic, the word “horm” means " sacred enclosure with right of asylum.” Its use evokes coziness, exclusivity, and durable functionality. It is hard to imagine what more one could ask of modern furniture. No surprise then that the modern furniture from Horm has been awarded the oldest but also the most authoritative global design prize, the Compasso d'Oro, in three editions and has received five Honorable Mentions.

Whether one looks for a new way to express a sofa, armchair, coffee and side tables, armless chair, or a bed, the process begin with Horm’s team of master designers: Mario Bellini, Patrizia Bertolini, Mario Botta, Todd Bracher, Burtscher & Bertolini, Carlo Cumini, Sebastian Errazuriz, Daniele Gaspardo, Jean François Gomrée, Grafite Design, Steven Holl, Salvatore Indriolo, Toyo Ito, Ilaria Marelli  Meneghello Paolelli Associati, Orizzonti Design Center, Orlandini Design, Karim Rashid, Timo Saarnio, Carlo Stefanut, StH, Diego Vencato, Esa Vesmanen.

When discussing Italian furniture designs from Horm, the owner of San Francisco’s Arkitektura Showrooms likes to quote from their expressive literature, “The wood, the protagonist of the story of Horm, is flanked by glass, stones and metals that are balanced together in an aesthetic logic in neutral tones of white and black, in counterpoint to the possibility of optional lacquered colors.”

“This is design language originally conceived in Italian,” Arkitektura’s Andrew Fisher explains. “To write about furniture in this way, one has to be able to build furniture in this way. To study the beautifully upholstered sofas and chairs from Horm is to realize that our own language is challenged to convey their beauty to others.”

The Arkitektura Showrooms of San Francisco, with a second location in Birmingham, Michigan north of Detroit, has been greatly expanded to make possible any study of modern furniture and its many expressions from Italy, Scandinavia, France, Germany and the U.K. for architects, interior designers, collectors and private customers. Offering one of the largest collections of Italian furniture and modern furniture brands, Arkitektura now represents over seventy furniture companies.

“Horm is a fine example of our encompassing collection,” Fisher continues. “The values ‚Äč‚Äčthat distinguish the brand are design, entrusted to architects and designers of international fame, the passion that is the driving force of the entire process of generating ideas, and finally the house, understood as a private or commercial environment, and the destination of all products of the collection.”

Horm’s master ebony workers, woodworkers, and stone and glass artisans then transform each designer’s vision for a new furniture product into furniture art.

As may be best appreciated at the Arkitektura Showrooms of San Francisco and Birmingham, Michigan, Horm’s modern furniture collections are quite extensive. Here are some examples made vivid in Horm’s own words:

From the Orizzonti Design Center, 2012 – “Milos is a family of upholstered armchairs and sofas characterized by soft and seductive shapes… Milos was born from the idea that every home is indeed unique and reflects the personality and lifestyle of its guests. For this reason, Milos sofas are removable and can be dressed and covered in a flash with over 240 fabrics from the Orizzonti collection, assuming a relaxed and playful yet elegant and sophisticated aspect, or that of great luxury and preciousness.

From the Designer StH: “Long appreciated for its ever-current hallmark, the Cherish chair can be easily installed in any environment, both public and domestic. Absolutely comfortable and durable, its proportions have been developed with the utmost care by Horm’s engineering department to instill maximum modern formality into an absolute shape.”
A new way to look at a bed emanated from designers Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguezin in 2011: Completely made of solid walnut, Twine features a headboard made of orthogonal slats that creates a fine yet distinctive fretwork. The craftsmanship that enhances the clean design lines constitutes an essential element of this bed.”

“With a combination of simplicity, art and innovation, Horm offers the discerning experienced traveler a home environment of a unique character and exclusiveness that is essential to truly living,” summarizes the owner of the Arkitektura Consortium Showroom. “Whether you visit Arkitektura’s San Francisco or Birmingham, Michigan salons, you can explore the pure forms and functional domestic sculptures that are Horm furniture.”