Ceccotti Collezioni

Aviero Ceccotti introduced the company bearing his name to the Italian furniture industry in 1956. Today, the Ceccotti Collection presents high-quality Italian sofas, tables, beds and shelves, each offering smooth shapes and an artfully modern presence to any room. 

Ceccotti's materials are hand-selected from all over the world and include wood, metal and glass, among others. Only the finest materials are used in the creation of each piece, pleasing the most demanding interior designer with the presence and overall unity of the collection and by providing balance yet a touch of exclusivity to any space.

Of consequence, Ceccotti is justly proud of its projects as may be found in the Belvedere Mykonos, Greek Islands; Sir Albert Hotel, Amsterdam; Sls Hotel Beverly Hills, Los Angeles; and The Dolder Grand, Zurich.

“The Italian furniture designs that flows from Ceccotti offer the professional interior designer and private customer a wonderful choice of handcrafted furniture art”, observes Andrew Fisher, owner of Arkitektura’s San Francisco and Birmingham, Michigan stores. “Ceccotti selects only solid and poplar-plywood veneered wood, each piece representing different parts of the world to create a different feel with varying colors and wood grains. All the sawing and woodwork is performed by hand, while the hardware is also handmade and completes each piece perfectly,” the Arkitektura owner notes.

Ceccotti’s illustrious product designers include Vincenzo De Cotiis,  Christophe Pillet, Fabrizia Scassellati, Roberto Lazzeroni,  Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, and André Dubreuil.

In both San Francisco and Birmingham, Michigan, Arkitektura’s onsite expert staff can guide the interior designer or private customer to the wonderful craftsmanship he or she is seeking. Italian sofas and couches from the Ceccotti factory and its chairs and tables offer a jewelry quality accuracy of detail hidden in the depth of product which the company calls luxury "between the lines.” 

For the perfection of forms in modern furniture, Ceccotti selects cherry wood from northern America, applying watercolor stains that are then wiped with a cloth by hand and finished in natural wax. Different styles are represented throughout the collection, including Slavonia oak from Croatia, Italian walnut from Italy, American walnut from the northeastern USA, Zebrawood from western Africa, Rosewood from India, and Maple from Europe.

Different types of glass are used, as well, such as tempered glass that is five times more durable than a normal glass, Visarm glass with a film between, and single glass that is available in various finishes such as transparent, sandblasted, bronzed or smoked.

Ceccotti uses only the most precious marble, such as White Statuary marble from Massa Carrara and Galala marble from Egypt, coming from important historical and artistic locations.

Whether for the headboard of beds or the coverings for sofas and chairs, there is but a single quality of leather throughout the Ceccotti Collection. The various colors are obtained by using a passing-through process (the leather is colored through the entire section, a sign of high quality) in the same dye of the finish. It derives from a careful selection of male European cattle. Its beautiful natural textures may present small imperfections as wrinkles and scars that characterize its quality and origin.

Whether you are an architect, interior designer or private customer, with a single visit to either Arkitektura showroom you will discover an invisible thread–a personal and intellectual bond–which is shared by the work of Vincenzo De Cotiis, Noè Duchaufour-Lawrance and those of Massimo Castagna, the coordinator of the collection, with Franco Ceccotti. Through the portfolio of sofas, couches, bed, consoles, lamps and other modern furniture within the Ceccotti Collection, this unity of excellence also reflects the unique skills of their workers’ hands to produce extraordinary pieces.