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The Arkitektura Consortium of San Francisco and Birmingham, Michigan is proud to add Rimadesio to its prestige collection of modern furniture and accessories. Rimadesio produces linear and concrete systems that are designed for sub-dividing environments and for an architectural re-definition of internal spaces. Their collection includes sliding doors and panels, shelving units, walk-in closet systems and wardrobes and a collection of complementary furniture.

The imaginative use of transparent, opaque and reflective glass, an artistically and ecologically pure material, is a foundation element to the growing collection. Francesco Malberti and Luigi Riboldi founded Rimadesio in 1956. Initially, the company dedicated its work to flat panes of glass built to order by Italian furniture companies. Engravings, gold-leaf applications and coloring were all done by hand, one at a time. From these beginnings, the company that came to be called Rimadesio accumulated proprietary technological know-how not only for the creation and stylization of glass but also for an expanding range of materials including wood, Plexiglas and ultimately aluminum.

Today, Rimadesio’s modern sliding doors, living area, tables, cabinets, complements, doors and walk-in closets are embraced by the capital cities of fashion in 65 countries, from Hong Kong to New York, from San Paolo to Shanghai. Rimadesio’s work is characterized by rigorous planning, basic design, and technical innovation that can interpret a signature topicality for its customers,” explains Andrew Fisher, owner of the Arkitektura Consortium showrooms in San Francisco and Birmingham, Michigan. Arkitektura is a valued resource for architects, interior designers and private customers that wish to know more about Rimadesio and view its products in person.

Rimadesio’s extraordinary mastery of glass and other materials offers the professional designer an array of high quality materials. For example, one may choose single tempered glasses, cooked at 650° C, and with an impact resistance that is five times superior to normal glass. In accordance with the UNI EN 12150, UNI 7697 and UNI EN 12600 rules for decorative glass purposes, any breakage actually crumbles in harmless tiny fragments. Like all Rimadesio glass, maintenance and cleaning are simple and low cost.

Rimadesio’s laminated glasses offers smooth surfaces while the plastic film inserted between panes holds the fragments in case of breakage. Perfectly smooth transparent glasses offer high scratch resistance and corrosion resistance. Rimadesio also offers satined glasses characterized by a homogeneous satin effect and scratch resistance.

Reflective glasses manufactured by Rimadesio create a special reflecting effect and are less vulnerable to scratches than conventional painted surfaces. The company’s mirrors possess very high reflecting power with leading scratch resistance when compared to conventional mirrors. Rimadesio mirrors are produced without adding copper and lead to metal layers and protective paints, pursuant to European Directive ROHS.

Leading designers and discerning customers may also be interested in Rimadesio glossy lacquered glasses with their 100 gloss brightness, high reflectivity, scratch resistance, and colors that are sealed inside double glass. Their mat lacquered glasses offer marked opacity, color durability, and scratch resistance. Reflex glasses, with their perfectly smooth surface, achieve a brightness equivalent to 100 gloss reflectivity with metallic style surface.
 The thickness of the glass creates an exclusive “depth” effect.

Once highly imaginative and experimental, and now a proven durable architectural materials, Rimadesio aluminum is a 100% recyclable metal alloy that combines lightness with the utmost solidity and reliability for glass bearing frames. Several types of aluminum alloys are offered, ranging from EN AW 6060/T6 to EN AW 6005A/T6 F25. Aluminum is used for sliding systems, for tables and for structural elements that are most subject to stress. There is also anodized finish aluminum for both corrosion resistance and paint layer detachment resistance

“Among the many awards garnered by the Rimadesio Collection, it was Selected for Design Index ADI in 2001; named to Top 100 Frames by Siparium in 2002; Selected for Design Index ADI 2005 and 2007; and Selected for XXI Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI by Vela in 2008,” says the owner of the Arkitektura Consortium in San Francisco and Birmingham, Michigan, an authorized dealer for Rimadesio.

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